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Academy Conversion Consultation

On Friday 2nd February 2018, we sent a letter out to parents and staff informally consulting on our plans to investigate the possibility of converting Southfield Primary School to an Academy and joining a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT).


The formal consultation period started on Monday 17th September and closed on Monday 29th October following consultation with stakeholders including staff, parents and pupils. Any concerns related to forming a Multi-Academy Trust needed to be submitted either to the Headteacher or Chair of Governors before the end of the formal consultation period. Parents and staff were invited to consultation meetings, and all questions and concerns were discussed at the full governors meeting on 15th November. Following discussion, governors voted unanimously to convert Southfield Primary School to become an academy and join the Pioneer Learning Trust. A letter has been written to parents, staff and stakeholders explaining this decision with a view to conversion being on the 1st January 2019.

Academy Decision letter - November 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions that are often asked when schools consult to become academies along with the answers. Any additional questions and answers will be added during the course of the formal consultation period.


What will the Multi-Academy Trust be called?

The Multi-Academy Trust that we are looking to form with other local schools will be called the Pioneer Learning Trust (PLT).


Which other schools are hoping to join this Multi-Academy Trust?

At this stage Southfield Primary School, Whitefield Primary School and Chantry Primary Academy will be forming the Pioneer Learning Trust together. Over time there will be other schools in the local area who will be joining once the Pioneer Learning Trust is established. These three schools have a history of working together and supporting each other.


What are our other options to becoming an academy and forming the Pioneer Learning Trust?

The school can remain as a school maintained by the Local Authority. However, the government is encouraging schools to become academies and in the face of huge cuts to education funding, the preferred option is for schools to join together to become Multi-Academy Trusts, which are more viable financially.


Will the school's catchment area remain the same?

We do not anticipate significant changes to admission arrangements in the future. As now, the Local Authority will continue to have responsibility for making sure there are sufficient spaces locally and will coordinate the admissions process for schools.


What effect will the academy conversion have on the curriculum?

There will be no detrimental effect. The school will continue to offer a broad and balanced curriculum defined by quality and the best interests of the children. The school values the importance of the National Curriculum and will continue to follow it closely to support all pupils regardless of need or ability to achieve their full potential.


How will SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) pupils be catered for?

The school is not seeking to change the way SEND pupils are supported as a result of academy conversion.


Will the school be changing its name?

No. The school name will continue to be Southfield Primary School.


Will the school be changing its uniform?

We have no plans to change the school uniform.


How will parents' and stakeholders views be considered when a decision is made?

Through response during the consultation period. The decision to proceed to academy status will be defined by the potential advantages to our pupils and careful consideration of any disadvantages.

Formal Consultation - September 2018

Informal Consultation - February 2018