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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Head Teacher

Miss S. Pollard


Senior Leadership Team

Mr R. Melrose - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs S. Baldwin - Assistant Headteacher

Mr C. Ledster - Assistant Headteacher


Early Years Unit

Pelican Class

Mrs J. Morrison - Class Teacher

Mrs S. Shambi - Teaching Assistant


Penguin Class

Mr K. Kelly - Class Teacher and Early Years Phase Leader

Mrs A. Begum - Teaching Assistant

Mrs N. Delaney - Teaching Assistant


Puffin Class

Miss R. Begum  - Class Teacher

Mrs T. Taylor - Teaching Assistant

Miss S. Morris - Nursery Nurse


Key Stage 1

Mixed Years 1/2

Kingfisher Class

Mrs K. Wright - Class Teacher

Mrs L. Webb - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs C. Bura - Teaching Assistant


Owl Class

Miss L. Rogers - Class Teacher

Miss L. Hill - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs N. Choudhury - Teaching Assistant


Robin Class

Mrs S. Baldwin - Class Teacher and Key Stage 1 Phase Leader

Mrs R. Whitlock - Teaching Assistant


Lower Key Stage 2

Year 3

Parakeet Class

Miss N. Suleman - Class Teacher

Mrs S. Parkar - Class Teacher

Mrs S. Gilligan - Teaching Assistant


Peacock Class

Ms H. Zunguzah - Class Teacher

Mrs C. Braniff - Teaching Assistant


Year 4

Toucan Class

Mr C. Ledster - Class Teacher and Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader

Miss K. Clarke - Teaching Assistant


Flamingo Class

Miss E. Ward - Class Teacher

Mrs S. Khaled - Teaching Assistant


Upper Key Stage 2

Year 5

Eagle Class

Mrs C. James - Class Teacher

Mr E. Batunda - Higher Level Teaching Assistant


Hawk Class

Miss N. Scarry - Class Teacher

Mrs S. Playforth - Teaching Assistant


Year 6

Kestrel Class

Mrs N. Comben - Class Teacher

Miss C. Rayner - Class Teacher

Mrs T. Creasy - Teaching Assistant


Falcon Class

Mrs A. Compton - Class Teacher and Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader

Mrs S. Patel - Teaching Assistant


Support Staff



Mrs N. Comben


Family Support Team

Miss D. Hubbard - Family Worker

Miss E. McAllister - Family Worker

Mr I. MacArthur - Learning Mentor

Mrs T. Smith - Learning Mentor


Behaviour Support Teaching Assistants

Miss L. Wilson

Miss M. Loney

Miss N. McNeil


Office Staff

Mr J. Hinson - School Business and Resources Manager

Mrs C. Rayner - Attendance Officer

Mrs M. Williams - Finance Assistant

Miss D. Hartley - Welfare Assistant

Mrs M. Witton - Administration Assistant

Mrs S. Holland - Clerk to Governors


ICT Technician

Mr J. Taylor 


Breakfast and After School Club Staff

Mrs R. Whitlock - Manager

Miss L. Hill - Manager

Miss D. Hartley - Assistant

Mrs T. Creasy - Assistant

Miss M. Loney - Assistant


Senior Mid-Day Supervisors

Mrs M. Chalkley

Miss R. Porter


Mid-Day Supervisors

Mrs D. Battlebury

Mrs F. Begum

Mrs R. Bhanu

Mrs D. Burgess

Mrs A. Cattermole

Miss E. Flitton

Miss N. Head

Mrs J. McMullan

Ms L. Mehigan

Mrs N. Phillips

Mrs J. Richmond

Miss L. Stevens


Site Agent

Mr P. Kettle


Premises Team

Mrs M. Chalkley

Miss E. Flitton

Mrs J. McMullan

Ms L. Mehigan

Mrs J. Richmond

Ms L. Wright