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Home Learning during School Closure

We will be adding links and resources to this page that you can access at home during the school closure announced by the government on Wednesday 18th March 2020. If you come across anything that you think we should add, please email


Do schools need to provide educational support for pupils at home?

The Department for Education, in their update on the 7th April 2020, recognises that many schools have already shared resources for children who are at home and are grateful for this. They want to support parents and schools to ensure young people’s education can continue. Support available includes:

  • a list of online resources have been identified by some of the country’s leading educational experts to help pupils to learn at home. The link to these resources can be found below
  • the BBC enhancing its education provision to include daily lessons, starting from Monday 20th April 2020


Staff at Southfield Primary School will continue to regularly add age-appropriate work to the Google Drive, and can be contacted by email if parents have any questions about the work set.


Google Drive Homework Folder

Remember to keep checking the Homework folder on the Google Drive for work set for individual year groups by teachers.

To request access, complete the form by clicking here

School Subscription Services and Support for Parents

The following are school subscription services that are providing guidance and resources to support with school closures, and also free support and guidance for parents as families adapt to the new way of learning at home.

Help with explaining coronavirus to children

Children are worried about what they are seeing and hearing on the news so here are some resources to help with explaining to children why thay aren't at school at the moment.

Support with Maths and Science

The following are links to websites and apps to support with Maths and Science.

Support with Phonics and Reading

The links below with allow children to practise their phonics skills and reading, including links to websites offering free audible books.

Mindfulness and Keeping Active

Free websites and apps to keep you active both physically and mentally with links to our school values.

Sensory and Practical Ideas

Keeping Safe Online

While children are accessing lots of their learning digitally and online, it is important that children remember the importance of keeping safe online.