Primary School


Prime Minister's Announcement - Full Lockdown

*** Important Information ***
Following the Prime Minister's announcement this evening, school will be closed from tomorrow (Tuesday) except for vulnerable pupils and those whose parents are critical workers. I have heard this at the same time as you this evening, and I am sure you have lots of questions. Unfortunately I don't yet have access to the detail but will get information to you as soon as I possibly can tomorrow.


In the meantime, I would urge that you follow the advice and keep your children at home if you can. If you are bringing your child to school as they are vulnerable or you are a critical worker, breakfast club is available if you have booked in advance, and staff will be in school. I am sorry to be unable to share any more details at this point but will be in contact tomorrow as soon as possible. I am desperately saddened by the current situation and hope all of our families stay safe during this new lockdown.


Unfortunately Parentmail seems to be struggling with the sheer volume of messages being sent nationally at this time, so I would appreciate you sharing this information where possible.


Thank you for your continued support
Miss Pollard

Critical workers and vulnerable children who can access schools