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School Meals

Free School Meals during School Closure

Following a delay while we have waited for clarification from the government, we will again be issuing free school meal vouchers to parents for eligible pupils during the current lockdown period.


In the first instance, we will be using the HUGGG system that we used for the Christmas period to send vouchers to families who are eligible for Free School Meals. A link to your voucher will be sent to you by text message and following this link will enable you to access and redeem a voucher for a supermarket of your choice.


Vouchers will be issued at a rate of £15 per pupil per week. Please be aware that you may receive more than one code, as an individual code will be sent for each eligible pupil. We will be aiming to issue the first round of vouchers by 5pm on Friday 15th January 2021. This first voucher will be for £30 per pupil per week to cover the WC 04/01/2021 and WC 11/01/2021.


For each further week, the government are expecting us to use the Edenred system for distributing vouchers. A voucher will be issued for £15 per eligible pupil. We will endeavour to keep to this schedule as far as possible and inform you of any changes which may be necessary to this scheme which are beyond our control.


Pupils entitled to Free School Meals who are attending school will continue to receive a free hot meal in school.

School Meals

From September 2019 we are delighted to be working with 'Relish' to provide our school meals. Relish are committed to providing quality, fresh ingredients that are cooked from scratch to produce
our daily menus. Wherever possible, we will use seasonal produce and the daily food offer allows our children to choose from a wide variety of freshly prepared main meals and desserts.

Relish take pupil voice very seriously. Knowing what a positive impact good food can have on the
developing minds and bodies of our children, they will attend school council meetings to ensure they
capture initial reactions to new dishes and food ideas and gain understanding about what works


From 4th September 2019, school meals will cost £2.10 each day for pupils in Nursery and Key Stage 2 (Years 3, 4 5, and 6). All children in Reception, and in Years 1 and 2 are entitled to a free school meal through the Government's Universal Infant Free School Meals scheme. Some families will also be entitled to a free school meal if they are in receipt of particular benefits.


Children have four choices each day including a Classic Combo Option (Grab Bag) which includes a wrap, vegetable or fruit sticks, and a cake or biscuit. There are also vegetarian choices and a halal option on a daily basis.


We hold many special days within the school year and will work with Relish to make sure there is relevance to the event; it may be linked to the curriculum or a theme within school. We welcome Parents and Grandparents to some events too!

Menus and Recipes

There is a special parent login area on the Relish website where you can view and download menus and recipes, see what forthcoming events are planned, look at allergen information and contact the catering team.


To set up your parent account, simply click on the link below. Once complete, Relish will send you a message or email so you can activate your account which will keep us in touch until the end of school!

Celebrating Florence Nightingale's Birthday - 12th May 2020

Today would have been Florence Nightingale's 200th Birthday and our lovely kitchen team have made a fabulous cake as we remember this amazing lady and thank all of the nurses and NHS workers who are helping us today!

Christmas Dinner - 19th December 2019

Children in Need - 15th November 2019

Medieval Banquet - 7th November 2019

Halloween - 31st October 2019

Taste Pilot Superheroes - 31st January 2019

Our School Council had a treat today as they took part in the taste pilot for the next school meals menu. Their task was to try the different options that are being considered and then rate them. Their completed questionnaires will then be used by the LBC Catering Team to help with making the decision about the next menu choices.