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Erosion Investigation - 30th January 2019

Year 6 have been looking at coastlines and have found a unique way to find out more about the effects of erosion using seets. Hard sweets represent hard rock, jelly beans represent soft rock and the sand is represented by jelly babies. They are observing the sweets three times a day. The children have planned their investigations in pairs all looking at different variables giving them the opportunity to practise the science skills of fair testing and observation over time which will help with their geography understanding as well.

Wonderful Writing - 15th January 2019

Following on from the arrival of the TARDIS at the start of term, Year 6 have been thinking about time travel. They have written letters from their future selves - great creativity!

Bouncy Castle Wow - 11th January 2019

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This afternoon, our Year 6 pupils took part in a sponsored bounce as part of their topic for this term where they will be looking at healthy lifestyles as well raising money for an enterprise event later in the term. Everyone had a brilliant time and it linked perfectly with this month's value of humour!

A TARDIS appears at Southfield - 8th January 2019

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This morning, a TARDIS appeared and Doctor Who was also seen in and around the school site, so some of our intrepid Year 6 reporters from Kestrel class have put together a news report of events including interviews with witnesses and an expert.

Curriculum Newsletter - Spring 2019

Victorian Fantastic Finish - 12th December 2018

To round off this term's work studing the Victorians, our Year 6 pupils enjoyed a Victorian Fantastic Finish today. They dressed the part, took part in a range of activities including handwriting practise, maths and sewing. Whenever an adult entered the classrooms, the children stood behind their chairs, and unfortunately some ended up wearing the dunces cap.

'It's No Joke' Performance - 6th December 2018

'It's No Joke' Performance - 6th December 2018 1

Children in Year 6 were out this afternoon watching a performance of 'It's No Joke!' which prompted some interesting and sensible discussion and questions.


As part of Luton Community Safety Partnership's Serious Violence Strategy, the Flavasum Trust together with Alternative Learning and Progression Service (ALPS) secured funding from the Home Office and Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation to pay for the Comedy School to perform ‘It’s No Joke!’, a play which uses comedy to explain the damage knives can do to the person carrying them, their friends and families, as well as to anyone unlucky enough to be a victim.


Peter Sinclair, Chair of Trustees of the Flavasum Trust said: “The rise in knife crime is causing everyone to worry, especially parents. Are our children safe when they go out? Who are they meeting? We can’t keep them indoors just because we’re scared they might be at the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s why the Flavasum Trust wants ‘It’s No Joke!’ a play about knife crime, to be seen by as many young people as possible.
“ ‘It’s No Joke!’ is a unique way to help school-aged children understand the dangers of carrying a knife and what they must do if they know someone is carrying one.”

Motivating Maths Workshop - 4th December 2018

A group of children from Year 6 spent the day today at Stopsley Primary School at a Motivating Maths workshop. They worked as a team to solve a range of Maths problems and approached everything with positivity showing unity and resilience

Black Country Living Museum - 3rd October 2018

As part of this term's topic where Year 6 are learning about the Victorians, today they went to the Black Country Living Museum to find out about what life was like as a Victorian.
Thank you to everyone who came along to our coffee morning on Monday 10th September - the children performed brilliantly and staff were able to share what we are covering over the course of the year. You also helped us to raise lots of money for Macmillan Cancer Care!