Primary School


Coronavirus Parent Survey

At Southfield we are committed to listening to your views and opinions to evaluate the school’s provision. The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has led to school provision changing in a very short space of time. We want to learn from your experiences so far, and recognise what we are doing well and understand clearly where we need to improve.
We would appreciate you completing our survey, which we'll be sending out via Parentmail, by Monday 9th November and thank you in advance for your support.
Miss Pollard


Statements that you'll be asked to rate are:

1. Communication from the school is regular, clear and effective
2. If I have shared a concern with school about coronavirus, it has been dealt with
3. I have been able to talk to my child's class teacher
4. I was able to attend the Parent Consultation meeting using the online School Cloud system
5. My child is able to access the Google Classroom
6. I understand the school's expectations of my child regarding home learning if they are self-isolating
7. I understand that school leaders are making decisions in response to local and national guidance
8. I am concerned about the impact that the summer term school closure has had on my child
9. I feel confident in the school's risk assessments and procedures to keep my child safe
10. I feel anxious about my child being at school
11. My child feels anxious about being at school
12. I am happy with the arrangements at the beginning and end of the day

You will also have a space to make any comments of your own.