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Curriculum Newsletters - Summer Term

Fairy Tale Ball - 26th March 2021

Children in our Nursery enjoyed rounding off this half term's learning with a fabulous Fairy Tale Ball!

Magic Potions - 19th March 2021

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Wow! There was real magic happening in our Nursery today!

Comic Relief - 19th March 2021

Lots of superheroes in our Nursery today for Comic Relief!

World Book Day - 4th March 2021

We all enjoyed dressing up as our favourite book characters for World Book Day!

Fairytales - 26th February 2021

Can you guess what the Nursery children are learning this half term? The children are loving learning different fairytales and are certainly enjoying the opportunity to dress up!

Teddy Bear's Picnic - 9th February 2021

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Nursery have enjoyed their Teddy Bear's Picnic this week to end this half term's learning.

Birdwatching - 28th January 2021

We're taking part in the RSPB Big Schools' Birdwatch this week and Nursery have really enjoyed learning about birds, looking for birds and have also made bird feeders to encourage more birds to visit them in their playground.

Fun in the Snow - 25th January 2021

The children who have been in school today have enjoyed getting outside to play in the snow.

Mysterious Footprints - 8th January 2021

Children in the Nursery found some very mysterious footprints that they needed to investigate! They looked closely with their magnifying glasses and then decided that the footprints might belong to a bear. They drew the footprints carefully and guessed what the bear might look like. Then they made binoculars and went out on a bear hunt, looking through swishy, swishy grass, a big dark forest, thick, oozy mud, and eventually found a bear.


Christmas Shapes - 4th December 2020

Children in Nursery have been making Christmas decorations with 2D shapes - triangle trees, circle snowmen and square presents! They've also been busy posting their Christmas cards in their postbox.

2D Shape Kebabs - 27th November 2020

We've been learning about 2D shapes and made our own 2D shape fruit kebabs using square apple slices, triangle pineapples and banana circles. We learned a lot and they tasted great!

Bookstart Packs - 26th November 2020

Children in Nursery were delighted to receive a free book pack today from the kind people at the Booktrust.

Making our own pets - 18th November 2020

We love the pets that the children Nursery have been making as part of their learning this half term!

Diwali divas - 13th November 2020

Nursery have been thinking about Diwali celebrations and made some fabulous diva lamps.

Poppy making for Remembrance - 11th November 2020

Our Nursery children have made some beautiful poppies to join our whole school Rememrance display. The children enjoyed seeing the display and asked some very thoughtful questions.

African Land Snails - 2nd November 2020

Wow! Some African Land Snails have arrived in the Nursery for the children to look after as part of their learning this half term.

Happy Halloween - 23rd October 2020

Next weekend is Halloween and we've been enjoying making scary faces and sharing sweets and cakes.

Our Local Area - 19th October 2020

Nursery have been out and about today looking at the different buildings that they can see from the school grounds as part of their work looking at the Three Little Pigs.

Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf! - 7th October 2020

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Today the children in Nursery have been thinking about what it would be like to be the Wolf in the story of the Three Little Pigs. We're sure you'll agree that they're very scary!

The Three Little Pigs - 21st September 2020

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To support children with developing their writing skills, we use Pie Corbett's Talk 4 Writing process throughout the school. This involves children learning a story, including actions, which they can then use to support their own independent writing. We hope you like the story that children in the Nursery have been learning.

Three Little Pigs Sensational Start - 14th September 2020

Children in the Nursery have been enjoying investigating different materials as they have started to learn the story of the Three Little Pigs.