Primary School


Year 3

Children in Year 3 start each term with a new topic which begins with a Sensational Start and ends with a Fantastic Finish. Children will enjoy books throughout each topic, with two that they will become very familiar with. The book webs set out how subjects are woven throughout the topic.

Autumn Term - Under the Canopy

Sensational Start: London Zoo Visit and Rainforest Workshop

Fantastic Finish: Art Exhibition

Children will visit London Zoo with a workshop on the rainforest. They will feel the humidity of a rainforest environment and learn about the animals suited to this habitat. In Geography the focus will be on the Amazon rainforest and in science the areas of light and plants will be studied. Children will look at the work of artists Rosita Gottlieb and Henri Rousseau and the children will host an art exhibition for parents at the end of the topic.

Spring Term - What's Your Superpower?

Sensational Start: Flat Stan First Aid Workshop

Fantastic Finish: Celebration of Real-Life Superheroes

The topic will begin with an opportunity for children to become First Aid superheroes through a Flat Stan Workshop. Children will conduct research into a range of historic, modern and personal heroes. They will read the fantastic picture books Malala’s Magic Pencil and Izzy Gizmo that promote personal strength and a growth mindset in the face of challenges. In art children will study Pop Art and how popular figures were featured in this style. Children will end the topic with presentations about their own personal hero.

Summer Term - Archaeologists at Work

Sensational Start: Celtic Harmony Camp Visit

Fantastic Finish: Archaeological Dig

Stepping into the shoes of archaeologists children will investigate the time period from the Stone age to the Romans. They will learn about the significance of Stonehenge and Skara Brae and what life would have been like in the Stone Age, Iron Age, Bronze Age and Roman Britain. Children will create mosaics and study the popular art of stone stacking. In science the focus will be on rocks and soils. To begin the topic, the children will visit Celtic Harmony Camp which is a reconstructed prehistoric settlement within a beautiful woodland setting complete with Iron Age roundhouses. They will celebrate the end of the topic with an archaeological dig.