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Visit to St Hugh's Church - 23rd May 2018

As part of their work in the classroom, Year 3 visited St Hugh's today to find out more about the religion of Christianity.

Superhero Training - 16th April 2018

Year 3 started the new term as they mean to go on! They arrived at school dressed as superheroes and spent the day honing their superhero skills at their very own superhero training camp! They worked together to learn new skills, designed their own cartoon strip, designed and made healthy fruit kebabs fit for superheroes, and did it all with positivity and engagement.

Celebrating Differences - 23rd March 2018

Children in Year 3 have been looking at similarities and differences with the help of some Hatchimals which were donated to school.

Celtic Harmony Camp - 27th February 2018

Year 3 visited the Celtic Harmony Camp in Hertford today and had a fantastic time being farmers, hunters and miners in the Iron Age. Despite the cold everyone came back with a huge smile and lots of stories to tell!

Visit to London Zoo - 15th November 2017

As part of their work this term, where they have been looking at rainforests, Year 3 went to London Zoo today to find out about the animals that live in this interesting habit.

Investigating a crime scene - 31st October 2017

Year 3 came into school this morning to find that a crime had been committed and they needed to find out what had happened! It would appear that someone wearing a red cloak was walking through the walkway with a basket of food but something happened and the contents of the basket were strewn across the stage area. Children spotted what looked like wolf footprints...