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Year 5 Cyber Challenge

Year 5 pupils are invited to take part in an online challenge competing against schools across Luton and Bedfordshire. Create an educational resource that promotes the positive aspects of online talking and
messaging but also helps people to understand when online behaviour could become inappropriate and risky. The resource must send out a safe online message so that people feel empowered to deal with uncomfortable situations online. Entries must be submitted by 17th June. Click the link below for more details and good luck!

Home Learning during School Closure

Someone Swallowed Stanley - 9th March 2020

In their whole class reading lessons Year 5 have been reading 'Someone Swallowed Stanley' where different animals end up swallowing plastic bags, including Stanley, but then at the end Stanley is recycled into a kite.  The children have designed and invented their own way to recycle a plastic bag.

Stockwood Discovery Centre - 14th February 2020

Year 5 have been making new friends this week as they have headed off to Stockwood Discovery Centre to meet their Schools Linking friends from Beech Hill Primary School. Everyone had lots of fun completing a joint project and exploring the museum. We are looking forward to getting to know the children at Beech Hill some more when they come to see us in our classrooms and we visit them.

Sponsored Run for Australia - 13th February 2020

Children in Year 5 have been reading about the terrible Australian Bushfires and wanted to do something to help so they organised a sponsored run demonstrating our values of kindness, teamwork and harmony. Well done everyone!

Lemony Snicket Book Club - 6th February 2020

A group of Year 5 children from Southfield Primary School and Chantry Primary Academy are excited to be a part of the Lemony Snicket Book Club at Chalk Hills Academy. They'll be discussing what they've read at Chalk Hills every three weeks and were delighted with their book pack including a bookmark and a pencil.

Your Choice - 4th February 2020

Year 5 took part in some thought-provoking discussions called 'Your Choice' with visitors from Luton Town Football Club and Luton Borough Council today. If you want to find out more click on the link:

'Holes' at the Theatre - 31st January 2020

During this term, Year 5 are reading the novel, 'Holes', by Louis Sacher linked to the unit of work focusing on rivers. Today they went to the Derngate Theatre in Northampton to see a performance of the book that they have been enjoying.

River Erosion - 28th January 2020

This afternoon children made their own rivers, labelled the river features and then sent water down to represent erosion.

CHILL study - 24th January 2020

We are taking part in the CHILL study with researchers from the NHS and the University of Bedfordshire who are investigating the impact of pollution on children's lungs. The first round of testing was last year with children in Years 3 and 4, and this year the same group were tested now that they are in Years 4 and 5. Classes in Year 5 also took part in a lesson focusing on DNA and pollution which was very interesting!

Differences and Similarities - 23rd January 2020

Still image for this video
Miss Green and Miss Scarry have been working with Schools Linking Network in Luton which brings children together and helps us all to make new friends. Miss Green has made this video with a teacher from another school to show similarities and differences she has with someone else.

Food Technology at Chalk Hills Academy - 23rd January 2020

Children had the opportunity to make some very healthy and tasty looking pizzas at a special Food Technology session at Chalk Hills Academy today.

D&T at Chalk Hills Academy - 15th January 2020

Some of our Year 5 children used different tools and equipment in the Technology department at Chalk Hills Academy today. They came back to school very proud of the boxes that they made - designers of the future!

The Water Cycle - 7th January 2020

To help with understanding the water cycle, Year 5 have produced their own which should really help them to see it in action.

VE Day Celebrations - 18th December 2019

Children in Year 5 have been learning all about the Second World War and today they finished their topic with their own VE Day celebrations. They dressed up, made food with rations and then shared what they have learned with parents including a fantastic dance.

Carol Performance - 16th December 2019

Our Year 5 and 6 children put us all in the Christmas spirit this afternoon with their carol performances. They really raised the roof with their beautiful singing!

Schools Linking Project - 11th December 2019

Children in Year 5 are busy preparing for making new friends with children at Beech Hill Primary School as part of this year's Schools Linking Project. To start with, classes from both schools will share information about each other and then, next term, they will be meeting up. Look out for updates!

Science at Chalk Hills Academy - 3rd December 2019

Some of our children from Years 4 and 5 had a very exciting science session at Chalk Hills Academy this afternoon finding out about Bunsen burners and how these are used in science labs.

QR Code Treasure Hunt - 4th November 2019

 Year 5 have been on a QR hunt around the school as the hook for their new piece of writing on suspense. The children found different pictures around the school and then wrote a small prediction on what they thought the new text would be about.

Science Investigation - 4th October 2019

Year 5 have been completing their science investigations in their classes. The children had to find which material was the best thermal insulator. They worked in groups with a material measuring the size of an ice cube in 5 minute intervals. The children then had to feedback to the other groups and found that bubble wrap was the best at keeping ice cold.

Fabulous Homework - 16th September 2019

We're already seeing some amazing homework projects from our Year 5 children with some of them choosing to make some really thoughful air raid shelters as they start to learn about the Second World War this term.