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QR Code Treasure Hunt - 4th November 2019

 Year 5 have been on a QR hunt around the school as the hook for their new piece of writing on suspense. The children found different pictures around the school and then wrote a small prediction on what they thought the new text would be about.

Science Investigation - 4th October 2019

Year 5 have been completing their science investigations in their classes. The children had to find which material was the best thermal insulator. They worked in groups with a material measuring the size of an ice cube in 5 minute intervals. The children then had to feedback to the other groups and found that bubble wrap was the best at keeping ice cold.

Fabulous Homework - 16th September 2019

We're already seeing some amazing homework projects from our Year 5 children with some of them choosing to make some really thoughful air raid shelters as they start to learn about the Second World War this term.