Primary School


Year A

Children in the Nursery start each half term with a new topic which begins with a Sensational Start and ends with a Fantastic Finish. Children will enjoy books throughout each topic, with two that they will become very familiar with. The book webs set out how subjects are woven throughout the topic.

Autumn 1 - Homes

Sensational Start: Local Walk

Fantastic Finish: Construction Day

Children will be encouraged to talk about their own home and begin to recognise similarities and differences with others. A walk around the local area will enable children to see and understand that there are different types of homes. Children will engage in role play and learn about the different rooms in a home and their use. The topic will end with a construction day – a great opportunity to build homes out of a range of construction materials.

Autumn 2 - Pets and Vets

Sensational Start: Vet Visit

Fantastic Finish: Pet Visit/Father Christmas

The topic will begin with a visit from a vet. Children will gain an insight into the role of a vet and the types of animals they help to care for. In the role play area children will be able to develop their understanding of the job. They will learn about a wide range of pets and how to care for them. The end of the topic will be celebrated with a visit from a mystery pet. There may also be a special visit from Father Christmas.

Spring 1 - Bears

Sensational Start: Build a Bear Workshop

Fantastic Finish: Teddy Bear's Picnic

An opportunity to make their own teddy bear engages the children in this topic. They will learn about real bears, famous bears like Paddington and teddy bears. Children will learn about textures and settings while going on a hunt to find a bear. At the end of the topic children will invite their favourite teddy bear to a picnic. Will it be the one they made or an old friend?

Spring 2 - Fairytale Castle

Sensational Start: Fairytale Scavenger Hunt/Library Visit

Fantastic Finish: Fairytale Ball

Once upon a time there were lots of children learning about fairytales… Children will listen to fairytales and learn about the characters typical in these stories. They will recreate these well-known tales using role play and puppets and add their own characters and events. To enhance their learning children will engage in a scavenger hunt. Who do these things belong to? They will have the opportunity to visit the local library and celebrate the end of the topic with a fairytale ball.

Summer 1 - Creepy Crawlies

Sensational Start: Hatching Butterflies from Caterpillars

Fantastic Finish: Creating Butterfly Wings/Whipsnade Zoo Visit

Some caterpillars arrive in the classroom for the children to look after. What will happen to them as they grow? Through stories such as ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and ‘Mad about Minibeasts’ children will learn about different types of minibeasts and where they live. Children will have the opportunity to visit Whipsnade Zoo and their fantastic butterfly house, ending the topic with making their own butterfly wings.

Summer 2 - Under the Sea

Sensational Start: Rock Pool Experience

Fantastic Finish: Beach Day

The chance to look at and touch a rock pool in the comfort of school is the sensational start to learning about what lives under the sea. Children will learn about the animals that live in the sea as well as the surroundings both above and below the water. A chance to experience a day on the beach, complete with sandcastles and ice creams, will finish the topic.