Primary School


Year B

Children in the Nursery start each half term with a new topic which begins with a Sensational Start and ends with a Fantastic Finish. Children will enjoy books throughout each topic, with two that they will become very familiar with. The book webs set out how subjects are woven throughout the topic.

Autumn 1 - People Who Help Us

Sensational Start: Fire Fighers/Police Officers

Fantastic Finish: People Who Help Us Dress Up Day

Children will develop their understanding of adults that help and look after them, beginning with those in their family. They will learn about a range of jobs, what they do, what the workplace is like and what equipment is needed. The children will be visited by Fire Fighters and Police Officers and have the opportunity to ask them questions about their job. Role play is a significant part of this topic in developing understanding and the topic will end with a day to dress up in a role that has inspired them the most.

Autumn 2 - Food, Glorius Food

Sensational Start: Foods From Around The World

Fantastic Finish: Making Christmas Cakes

Children will learn about different foods from around the world through play, cooking and tasting. They will begin to understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy choices and some of the effects of unhealthy choices on their bodies. They will learn about foods linked to celebrations and will end the topic by making Christmas Cakes.

Spring 1 - Just The Right Size

Sensational Start: Making Porridge

Fantastic Finish: Measuring Day

A crime has been committed! The police are investigating - there’s a broken chair, an empty bowl of porridge and someone has been sleeping in Baby Bear’s bed. What has happened? Children will help the police to investigate the crime, developing their knowledge of size by comparison and using mathematical vocabulary. Goldilocks, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and Where’s My Teddy? are fantastic picture books that will be used to support children’s understanding of size.

Spring 2 - The Great Outdoors

Sensational Start: Gruffalo Trail, Wendover Woods

Fantastic Finish: Outdoor Festival

In Spring 2 children will immerse themselves in the great outdoors. Their learning will be based around the fantastic books, The Gruffalo and Where the Wild Things Are, giving them an opportunity to learn about the reality of life outdoors while using their imaginations to create weird and wonderful characters they could meet. The children will be visiting Wendover Woods to follow the Gruffalo Trail and end the topic with an Outdoor Festival.

Summer 1 - Amazing Animals

Sensational Start: Safari Stu

Fantastic Finish: Animal Parade

This topic begins with a visit from Safari Stu who will bring an exciting assortment of animals for the children to observe closely and have the opportunity to handle. Children will learn about animals from different habitats and the differences between baby and adult animals. Children will have the opportunity to make animal masks and host an animal parade.

Summer 2 - Journeys

Sensational Start: Steam Railway Ride

Fantastic Finish: Local Journey and Picnic

Children will start the topic with the exciting experience of a ride on a steam train. They will learn about different types of transport and draw maps and routes. Children will learn about the jobs connected to the transport, such as train drivers and pilots as well as considering what would be needed on a journey to a hot or a cold place. Children celebrate the end of the topic by going for a walk and enjoying a picnic.