Primary School


Hot Meals in the School Hall

Today, the majority of children will be going back to eating a hot meal in the main school hall. To mark the occasion, all children may have a FREE school meal from a choice of pizza toppings.


Nursery children who stay for lunch will continue to eat in the Nursery with their midday supervisor.


Reception and Year 1 children will be eating at the same time in the hall. They will be sitting in rows using one side of the tables and facing in the same direction. The two year groups will be separated and will not be able to sit together in order to keep the integrity of the year group bubble. Once children have all finished eating, they will go outside with their midday supervisor and the tables and benches will be cleaned with antibacterial spray and wipes.


Years 2 and 3 will then be able to come into the hall to eat with time between sittings for wiping down tables before Year 5 come into the hall, and then finally Year 6. At this time, Year 4 will be eating in their classrooms.